Prison Facts - Interesting Information about Prison Special Types, Design, Facilities...

Throughout the history, prisons managed to infuse themselves into some aspects of our culture and life. Here you can find some of the most interesting facts about them, including their designs, types, usages and more.

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Prison Types and Design

Through the ages, design of prisons changed as the prison systems and available technology advanced. Here you can find out the building blocks of any modern prison, from the entrance gate to the most heavily guarded cells, and the types of prison that hold inmates today.

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Port Arthur

Australia’s most deadliest and notorious prison Port Arthur is even today remembered for the harsh live of the convicts that were shipped there from all reaches of British Empire in 19th century. Today this historic site represents one of the biggest tourist attractions in Australia, and the stories about the harsh live within its walls continue to frighten its visitors.

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The Texas Seven

One of the most famous prison escapes in American history happened in late 2000, when seven hardened criminals managed to escape from maximum security prison John Connally Unit and survive over one month in freedom. Find out more about this prison escape, which by its complexity rivals the one that happened in Alcatraz.

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